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Talk Talk - It's My life (US version) Uploaded on Feb 3, 2010
1984) There are two versions of the video for "It's My Life." The first, envisioned by director Tim Pope as a statement against the banality of lip-synching, consists almost entirely of footage from nature documentaries, interspersed with shots of Talk Talk lead singer Mark Hollis standing in the midst of the London Zoo, with his mouth pointedly shut tight and often obscured by hand-drawn animated lines. The second version, recorded at the behest of EMI, consisted of the entirety of the original video projected on a green screen behind Hollis and his two bandmates as they lip-synched and mimed the song, deliberately poorly and with comic exaggerated gestures
Talk Talk were a British musical group that were active from 1981 to 1991. The group had a string of international hit singles including; "Today", "Talk Talk", "It's My Life", "Such a Shame", "Dum Dum Girl", "Life's What You Make It" and "Living in Another World".
Although their commercial appeal receded in later years, the band's last two albums Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock were highly acclaimed and remain influential to experimental alternative rock genres, often regarded as the first post-rock albums.
Worldwide success (19841986)Talk Talk achieved considerable international success in 1984/85 (particularly in continental Europe) with the album It's My Life, which All Music Guide reviewed as a "cohesive album" which showed improved songwriting. The accompanying single "Such a Shame" (a song inspired by the book The Dice Man) became a Top 5 hit in Austria, Germany, Italy[4] and Switzerland during this period. The title track of the album was also a top 10 hit in Italy, and made the U.S., Canadian, French, German, New Zealand[6] and Netherlands Top 40; though the album and its singles were largely ignored in their native UK.
The artist James Marsh designed the first cover image for It's My Life based on the band's name. He followed the theme for subsequent singles, remaining the band's artistic frontman and creating all their covers and posters throughout their career.
They eventually abandoned the New Wave style completely with The Colour of Spring in 1986. This became their biggest studio album success in the UK, making the Top 10 (and certified Gold by the BPI for sales over 100,000 copies), in part due to the Top 20 single "Life's What You Make It". The album was also a hit internationally[8], featuring another Top 40 single, "Living in Another World". By this time, all Talk Talk songs were being written by Hollis and Friese-Greene. Guests on the album included Steve Winwood.
The extended line-up for the 1986 tour consisted of Hollis, Webb and Harris plus John Turnbull (guitars), Rupert Black and Ian Curnow (keyboards), Phil Reis and Leroy Williams (percussion) and Mark Feltham (harmonica). Most notable among these concerts was the Montreux Jazz Festival, released on DVD in 2008 as Live at Montreux 1986. [Ссылки могут видеть только зарегистрированные пользователи]
."Я благословлю благословляющих тебя, а проклинающих тебя Я прокляну"(Берешит 12 Лех леха 3)

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