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Exclamation Seeking for Катя Масько


I'm sorry I'm writing in English, but I don't speak your language. However, I hope that won't be a problem and you're still gonna try to help me.

So, I'm seeking for a girl, Екатерина (Катя) НИКОЛАЕВА Масько. She is 18-19 years old, and I met her last year in Montenegro. She lives in Bobruisk and she's a dancer.

I used to have her cell phone number and email; but her phone is off for some time already and she's not answering to emails ... so I'm thinking she might have changed her number, address, or whatever. (No, there's no a single reason she might be avoiding my calls)

So, if anybody knows her, I'd appreciate any info you could give me. Some contact information or just to tell her to get to me somehow. The last time I heard from her was in January.

Thanks a lot for your help in advance!

Greets from Serbia
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